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Regina Campbell has successfully melded parts of a varied career--author, columnist, cook, news anchor, sports broadcaster, Emmy-nominated documentary producer--into the innovative new series, Regina's Vegetarian Table. Regina was one of television's first female sports broadcasters in 1975, later co-hosting network sports with Bryant Gumbel on NBC. She moved on to news anchoring and reporting in the 1980's and later founded Peak Productions where she produced syndicated environmental news reports.

She went on to produce or report several specials and series for public television, including the nationally distributed 1996 documentary Sierra in Peril. In addition to her television work, Regina has excelled as an author and columnist. In 1992 she became one of the first to write a weekly vegetarian cooking column for a major American newspaper. Regina's collection of recipes, Regina's Vegetarian Table, is published by Prima Publishing.

Regina's healthy lifestyle, love of cooking, international travel, and desire to always learn, innovate, and pass things along contribute to her interesting, flavorful and healthful recipes. Her background in television production made producing Regina's Vegetarian Table a reality. Her graceful beauty, intelligence, refreshing wit, and on-camera ease is the perfect icing on the cake for this new milestone in television cooking. 

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